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Metal Badge, a family run business established in 1969, is today an industry leader in the design and manufacture of a variety of goods using high pressure die-casting and pressings. Our base metals include zinc, brass, copper, silver and gold.

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Products for the local and international market include event medals, military insignia, fabric and rubber insignia, pin badges, name plates, buckles, coins, tokens, brass buttons, cuff links, trophies, key rings, bottle openers, fridge magnets, coasters, golf pitch repairers and ball markers, silicone bracelets and presentation boxes for medals, coins and jewellery.

Metal Badge uses some of the world’s leading software and cutting edge technologies including Precision CNC machining, Laser 3D digitising, polishing and plating to, together with our experienced and loyal staff create innovative items of exceptional quality.

Metal Badge is an accredited supplier to AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Distance Races).


1000km Medals specializes in medals for mass participation events globally.

We currently produce over 3million medals annually and our factory is continually evolving as we improve systems and technology to remain competitive as demand for our high quality product, innovative design, reliability and competitive price grows.

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Internationally we supply medals for the London, Berlin, Rome, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Vienna, Bucharest, Riga, Bergen, Athens, Tokyo, Ethiopia and Kenya marathons, Tour de France and Ride London Cycle events and, many other marathon and sporting events worldwide.

Locally we supply medals for major South African events such as The Comrades and Two Oceans marathons, Walk the Talk, Cape Cycle Tour, 947 Cycle Race, and mass charity events such as Spar Ladies for Breast Cancer.

1000km Medals is an accredited supplier to AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Distance Races).

We have established a European base in the Netherlands to facilitate distribution.

We can assist in English, Italian, Greek, Spanish, German and Dutch.

How it Works

Select a tab to learn more about the manufacturing process.

Our graphic designers have a high standard of excellence, and will help you with your preliminary design ideas. It can be a picture, photograph, drawing or email description. Your sales assistant will guide you through this process.

Metal bagde & button design ride 1
Metal bagde & button design ride 2
Metal bagde & button design cardiff

The following factors will influence your quote:

  • Your individual budget
  • Complexity of design
  • Weight and size
  • Finish: see Step 5
  • Die-casting or pressing
  • Glazing/epoxy
  • Amount of colour
  • Ribbon choice and printing requirement
  • Quantity
  • Your location, timeline and freight option

Once we have discussed and established your specific needs you will receive your preliminary designs, timeline, individualized quotation and payment terms. Adjustments to the design and quotation can be made to meet your budget. Once accepted, you will then be required to sign off the quotation, timelines and freight costs. We will now proceed to the final design stage.

High Pressure Zinc Die-casting

The advantage of die-cast items is that just about any shape or form can be re-produced, consistently at high quality. Products are electro-plated for different finishes.


These products are stamped or pressed out of brass , or precious alloys on demand.

Colour Fill


We can also do 24 carat gold plating – bright or matt.

Metal Badge plating options - medals and trophies


Lead Time and Freight Options after design approval

International Orders

Option1 – By Sea

3 months or 12 weeks after initiation. Allow 6 weeks freight to Europe, and 10 weeks to America or Japan.

Option 2 – By Air

6 weeks after initiation. Air freight takes up to 2 weeks, depending on the destination and the airline used

Option 3 – Express Air

6 weeks after initiation, BUT if last minute changes are made to either the design or quantity we will need to use express freight which takes 1 week. This is extremely expensive at double normal air freight costs.

One of our efficient sales support team will confirm your timeline

Local Orders – Southern Africa

Lead time

1. Orders with new die-blocks – 6 weeks

2. Orders with existing die-blocks – 2 to 3 weeks

3. Standard medals 2 to 3 weeks

Our Clients

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Metal Badge/1000km Medals

Metal Badge and Button design and manufacture a variety of products for the local and international market. We specialize in many of today's cutting edge technologies including high pressure die casting, Precision CNC machining, Laser 3D digitizing, polishing, plating and other processes as well as having the equipment and experienced staff to create items in the tried and trusted methods of the last 40 years.Metal Badge manufactures a variety of products including medals, badges, name plates, military regalia, fabric and rubber insignia, buckles, coins, tokens, buttons, cuff links, trophies, and promotional items such as key rings, bottle openers, fridge magnets, coasters, golf pitch repairers and ball markers. We also supply silicone bracelets and boxes for medals, coins and jewellery.We also use some of the world’s best software solutions to create digital samples for your approval and for the final product.Metal Badge strives for perfection in the quality of our customer service through speed of delivery and excellent products manufactured with pride, using advanced technology
Metal Badge/1000km Medals
Metal Badge/1000km MedalsWed, Sep 11th, 2019 at 10:17am
Awesome photos of the Vilnius Marathon from last weekend! #metalbadge #1000kmmedals.
Metal Badge/1000km Medals
Metal Badge/1000km MedalsWed, Sep 11th, 2019 at 9:27am
Another happy customer - Bad Wolf Dirt Run. Good luck to everyone taking part! #metalbadge #1000kmmedals #badwolfdirtrun.
Metal Badge/1000km Medals
Metal Badge/1000km MedalsMon, Sep 9th, 2019 at 10:56am
Another beautiful medal by Metal Badge/1000km Medals for the Vilniaus maratonas Vilnius Marathon this weekend. Well done to all the athletes and organizers! #metalbadge #1000kmmedals #vilniusmarathon.
Metal Badge/1000km Medals
Metal Badge/1000km MedalsThu, Sep 5th, 2019 at 7:02am
Well done to the Mkwawa Trail Run for paying it forward...2000 bottles of milk donated to children and pregnant women, as well as planting 100 000 trees!! Well done to everyone involved! Below are some event photos with our lovely medals Metal Badge/1000km Medals. #mkwawatrailrun #metalbadge #1000kmmedals.
Metal Badge/1000km Medals
Metal Badge/1000km MedalsFri, Aug 30th, 2019 at 12:24pm
An exciting weekend full of racing coming up! The first The PEople's Triathlon - Nelson Mandela Bay taking place in Nelson Mandela Bay and the Vaal River City Marathon Rand Water Vaal River City Marathon. Good luck to all the participants! Stunning medals by Metal Badge/1000km Medals waiting for you all at the finish line! #metalbadge #1000kmmedals #vaalrivercitymarathon #peoplestriathlon.
Metal Badge/1000km Medals
Metal Badge/1000km MedalsThu, Aug 29th, 2019 at 11:55am
“My father runs the Comrades Marathon. My mom says that he started to run 2 days after I was born. And then she stares at me kind of funny; a look that says funny coincidence; like it was my fault…

I was born in October 2003. The firstborn. It turned my mother’s life upside down because my father started to run so soon after my birth. Up to that point in his life he was a nerdy, laid back guy, a little barrel shaped, my mom tells me. And then she gives me that sad stare.

My father started to train for his first Comrades Marathon in June 2004. He made it to the 36.2km mark when the paramedics rescued him and took him to a field hospital on a stretcher.

In June 2005 he made it to 67km, before the stretcher. In 2006 he made it to 85km, before the vultures, as the rescue buses are known, took him as he ran out of time.

In 2007 my sister was due around June, and my dad says that my mom threatened to sever some limbs with blunt kitchen tools if he dared to run Comrades. My Granny said that he sat glued to the television set silently, for the whole Comrades broadcast, not eating or drinking anything, with an almost visible lump in his throat.

In June 2008 he finished his first Comrades with 1 minute and 29 seconds before the cut-off gun was fired. The television cameras got him on tape and he was broadcast all over South Africa for 3.3 seconds. He collapsed over the finish line and was on the stretcher again.

In 2010 my father announced that he was the fittest that he had ever been in his life. He was sure to break his own record and very sure that his days of being airlifted by stretcher were over.

20 days and 3hours before the great day, he developed whooping cough, bronchitis and pneumonia. And the worst kind of denial my mom said that she had ever witnessed. Our whole family merrily flew to Durban. On the evening before the Comrades, it took three doctors to bring him to reality and announce that he was in no condition to run.

My mom took my sister and I to the other side of our rented flat to give my dad a little space. I couldn’t stop asking why daddy was crying so much.

After The Great Plague of the previous year, my mother converted in 2011 to a shameless drug dealer during the month of May every year. Our house had barrels of zinc, magnesium, oxygen tablets and vitamin C tablets. In addition to vitamin B injections weekly and a cocktail called the Bomb given intravenously by our doctor.

The Plague never struck again, but our fear of the Plague striking in June never left us. My Dad finally received his Comrades Marathon Green Number last year. A big green badge with gold embroidery. He was now part of the elite Comrades who had completed 10 races.

Our whole family was at the finish line, and cried tears of joy with my super ultramarathon athlete father. We were only allowed to touch the badge a week later.

My dad wore only green clothes for a whole month after the event; until our domestic helper in collaboration with my mother, started to hide all green clothes. When I grow up, I want to be just like my father!”

This month’s winner of the Arnica Ice hamper is Henk Janse van Rensburg #54754.

#ComradesMarathon #TheUltimateHumanRace